Texas Wine Education

Why is Texas Tempranillo so successful?

The renaissance of the Texas wine industry dates back to 1966 when Clinton “Doc McPherson” a chemistry professor at Texas Tech University decided to try his hand at growing grapes and winemaking.

5 min read

How Texas Winemakers are Gaining Recognition in Europe

Is the Texas wine industry garnering attention from Europeans? Along with luring several Old World winemakers to the region, other wine professionals are also taking notice.

5 min read

Malbec: The Grapes of Texas Wine

Made famous in Argentina, Malbec was once the grape behind the famed 'Black Wines' from Cahors in Southwest France.

2 min read

Syrah: The Grapes of Texas Wine

Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is a full-bodied red wine that is characterized by its meaty, peppery flavor profile.

3 min read

5 Wild Texas Grapes Used in Wine Production

From Mustang to Muscadine to Lomanto, whether they're used in varietals or vintages, these are the wild Texan grapes that are shaking up the wine scene.

6 min read

Texas AVAs: The Key Wine Regions to Watch in Texas

With 8 AVAs in Texas, there’s plenty to love about this booming industry. From terroir to climate, discover more about these 8 distinct wine regions.

8 min read

How Texas Helped Save the European Wine Industry

When a phylloxera epidemic ravaged French vineyards, TV Munson and Texas grape rootstock saved the industry.

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