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We source the best Texas wine


Rated by independent panel


Exposure to Texas audience

Here's the facts on Texas wine.


Total wine drinkers in Texas


Texas wine drinkers who have not tried Texas wine


Prefer Texas wine


Prefer Californian wine


Let's elevate the Texas wine industry.

We're touring the state, finding the best wines from the big brands to the little operations, and making them available in a single club shipping quarterly. We're taking our love of Texas & wine and putting lots of passion into making every shipment as memorable as possible. And we'd love to consider your wine.

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We want to promote your brand.

There's some truly amazing Texas wines out there, and our goal is to help more people discover their new Texas favorite. We want to elevate Texas wine as a whole, giving Texans another reason to be proud of their state.


Drive awareness, sales, & memberships.

We consider it a success if we lose customers because they want to join your club. We're the tip of the spear, providing the awareness, education, and experience for Texans to discover new favorites.


You send us your wine.

We're located in Fredericksburg and set up to receive shipments from single bottles to pallets.


We get it rated.

Using an independent panel of wine professionals, we rate the wine and consider it for inclusion in our club.

Independent ratings partner

Texas Wine Guild

Our independent wine ratings partner is the Texas Wine Guild, a group of wine professionals with decades of combined experience growing, making, selling, pairing, and scaling. All tastings are double-blind and performed in a controlled environment.


50% sommeliers


30% winemakers


10% growers


10% chefs

We buy & include in our club.

If we select your wine, we'll include it in our club for that quarter, building marketing materials to help advertise your brand.

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Let's build Texas wine

Keep your customers in a Texas state of mind.

Increase wine market share.

Wine is losing market share to spirits, which means more brokerage through grocery & DTC. We want to connect more Texans to wines & wineries in the state.


Not enough Texans are "in the know."

The majority of wine drinkers in Texas still suffer from a lack of education about your wine, and 24% of Texans actively perfer Californian wine.


We provide:

  • Non-competitive & low-pressure wine club
  • Wholesale purchase orders on favorable terms
  • Customer acquisition
  • Experiences to help awareness
  • Tasting & pairing notes per shipment
  • Certified sommeliers and industry pros

You get:

  • Additional revenue
  • No added acquisition costs
  • Promotion via email, social, ads, & events
  • Presence at pick-up parties and events
  • Inserts and other marketing collateral
  • Clear path from discovery to your offering

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Let's grow together.

We're ready & eager to give your winery the love & attention it deserves.

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