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The Club FAQ

What am I buying?

This is a quarterly subscription to 12 great Texas wines, hand-selected by an independent panel of Texas wine professionals. Included in every purchase is:

  • A curated selection of 12 great Texas wines
  • Cards about each wine and the winery that crafts it
  • Free annual club membership which grants 5% off all purchases
  • Invitation to our in-person events in Fredericksburg
Where do you ship?

Currently, we're Texans only shipping to other Texans so we can share great Texas wine with folks in our community. Some of the wines we carry are from incredibly small lots, so we want to ensure we first get them in front of Texans before opening our doors to the rest of the states.

How do you select wines?

We work with the Texas Wine Guild, an independent body made up of Texas wine professionals accomplished in growing, making, selling, pairing, and scaling all things wine. They work with as many Texas wineries as possible, getting bottles to perform double-blind tastings in a controlled environment. The best of the best wines from this process are selected, and those make it into each quarterly shipment.

How do I get more of a particular wine?

Our selections change every quarter, and with limited supplies and small lots, we don't often carry extra to sell. If you discover a new favorite from one of our quarterly boxes, then we enthusiastically encourage you to reach out to that winery. They may have their own club or store where you can grab more bottles, or discover more of their wines.

Can I just get a quarterly box as a standalone, one-time order?

Inventory of each club shipment is very tight, as we're often working with boutique wineries. We allocate enough wine to fulfill each quarterly box for our club members. At this time, each club box is available only as a subscription, so that we can prioritize our members.

Can I choose or change the wines I get?

We're making it easy to get a great mix of quality Texas wine. The independent panel we use to curate wines makes selections based on taste and quality, not brand names or how well it pairs with foie gras and caviar. We work hard to expose you to wines you may otherwise have never heard of or thought to try, because we know they're truly world class. We're not currently able to make changes to the selections, but we'd love your feedback.

How can you pause or change the club subscription?

We're Texan on service & business. If you have too much wine, aren't really feeling the selections, or want to skip a shipment for any reason, we've made it painless and hassle-free to make adjustments. When you log into your account, you'll see pausing, skipping, or canceling one simple click away. No hoops, no calls, no BS. And we're always available via email at

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