Guide to Texas Wine

Mettle Vines

Texas terrain and terroir require real grit to produce fine grapes and wine, made all the better for their mettle.

Wine News

Texas AVAs: Wine Regions to Watch

With 8 AVAs in Texas, there’s plenty to love about this booming industry. From terroir to climate, discover more about these 8 distinct wine regions.

7 min read

How Texas Helped Save the European Wine Industry

When a phylloxera epidemic ravaged French vineyards, TV Munson and Texas grape rootstock saved the industry.

3 min read

Are Texas Wines Any Good?

It's true: Texas wine hasn't always been great. But overlooking decades of progress will leave you missing out on some world-class wine.

4 min read

Texas Rose: How They're Made and Why You Should Be Drinking Them

Texas is quickly emerging as a region known for its rosé wines. Every season, Texas rosé garners national attention — and for good reason.

4 min read

Why The Harsh Weather of 2022 Will Be a Vintage Year for Texas

Texas vines are weathering record high temperatures and conditions of drought. The grapes are smaller than ever, resulting in a much smaller yield. These dire conditions make the 2022 vintage prime for some of the best Texas wine, ever.

5 min read

Food & Drink

5 Wild Texas Grapes Used in Wine Production

From Mustang to Muscadine to Lomanto, whether they're used in varietals or vintages, these are the wild Texan grapes that are shaking up the wine scene.

5 min read