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What does Malbec taste Like?

Malbec is a red wine grape variety that is typically known for its deep purple color and rich, full-bodied flavor profile. It is known for its dark fruit flavors such as blackberry and plum, with notes of chocolate and spice. Some Malbec wines can also have a hint of smokiness or earthiness. It is typically a dry wine, with medium to high tannins and moderate acidity.


Texas Malbec will have a more fruit-forward profile, with flavors such as black cherry, blackberry, and plum. The wine may have a higher alcohol content and a softer tannin structure, giving it a rounder and smoother mouthfeel.


Where is Malbec from?

Malbec is a red grape variety originally from France, specifically the region of Cahors in the southwest of the country. However, it is now most commonly associated with Argentina, where it has become one of the country's flagship grape varieties and is used to produce a wide range of wines.


Where does Malbec grow?

Malbec thrives in sunny locations, typically grows in a temperate climate with warm days and cool nights. It is a grape variety that is well-suited to regions with a wide temperature variation between day and night, which helps to preserve acidity and promote concentration of flavors in the grapes.

Malbec Styles of Wine

In France, Malbec from the region of Cahors is known for producing full-bodied and tannic wines with dark fruit flavors and a distinct mineral character. In Argentina, Malbec wines are generally fruitier and less tannic than those from France. Texas Malbecs are typically more like the style coming out of France- they have a dark color, with ripe red and black fruit flavors.


Malbec Food and Wine Pairings

A classic food and wine pairing for Malbec would be grilled meats, in Argentina that would mean steak, such as ribeye or sirloin.  Slow-cooked beef dishes like beef stew or braised short ribs would be more common in France.




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