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What does Syrah taste Like?

Syrah wines are known for their bold, full-bodied flavors and aromas. They often have notes of dark fruit, such as blackberry and black cherry, as well as savory and spicy flavors such as black pepper and cured meat. Some Syrah wines also have a distinct earthy or leathery character.


Syrah in Texas will often have some of the big fruit flavors and phenolic ripeness found in Australian Shiraz due to ample sunlight, yet the old world winemaking techniques are clearly an influence to many Texas winemakers. Black Pepper, blackberry, and the meatiness often found in Southern Rhone.


Where is Syrah from?

Syrah originated in the Rhône region of France. It is one of the oldest known grape varieties, and has been grown in the Rhône region for centuries. The famous and historic region of Hermitage in the Norther Rhone is considered the home of Syrah.


Where does Syrah grow?

Syrah is a late-ripening grape, which requires a long growing season with warm to hot temperatures to reach full maturity.

 It is widely grown in the sunny regions of Southern France, notably in Chateauneuf du Pape in the Southern Rhone.


It has become the official grape of Australia, where they adopted the name Shiraz, and can be found in other warm new world regions including California and Texas.

Syrah - Styles of Wine

Syrah typically produces dry full-bodied, tannic wines with big flavors. They are characterized by their dark color, which is due to the high levels of pigment in the grape skins, as well as their flavors and aromas of black fruit, such as blackberry, black cherry, and black currant, as well as spices like black pepper and licorice.

Food and Wine

A classic pairing in Southern France is Cassoulet, a hearty and flavorful traditional French casserole dish made with sausage or duck with white beans.


Syrah's full-bodied character and bold flavors can stand up to the richness of the cassoulet, and its tannins can help to cut through the dish's fat.


The meatiness of Syrah is ideal for a pairing with local Texas game. A a fresh grilled venison backstrap served with a black pepper sauce could be the ultimate Syrah pairing.



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Syrah: The Grapes of Texas Wine

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