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All The Types of Wine Openers and How To Use Them

The exquisite taste of wine in your mouth is the reward for opening a bottle. However, there are many tools you could use for this task. If you are new to wine openers or you are willing to try something new, here is a list of the type of wine openers available and how you use them.

Wine Corkscrew

The wine corkscrew is perhaps the oldest wine opener known. It's a basic tool that's fashioned to get the cork out. It comprises two parts: the steel screw and the perpendicular handle. These are the steps to follow when using the wine corkscrew:  Twist the screw into the cork. Hold the handle and apply pressure to pull out the cork.


Wing Corkscrew

The wing corkscrew is an improvement on the classic version described above and has a lot of names: cork extractor, butterfly corkscrew, owl corkscrew, Indian corkscrew, or angel corkscrew. It consists of two levers on each side of the worm screw. To use this wine opener, you need to Screw the metal worm into the cork. You will notice the levers going up as you screw deeper into the cork.  Push down the raised levers to pop the cork out of the bottle.

Classic Collection Wing Corkscrew - Fishkill Wine & Liquor

Lever Corkscrew

The lever corkscrew is a perfect fit for those who love to open the bottle with minimal pressure or power. Its parts include a spiral, handle, and lever mechanism, making it easy to pull corks out. Thanks to this, the lever corkscrew is easier to use than traditional corkscrew types. To use this opener, you have to
Place the lever on the bottle, so the worm screw faces the top of the cork.
Push down the lever to insert the screw and pull back the lever to remove the cork altogether.  It is worth mentioning that not all lever corkscrews will work with synthetic cork.

Lever Corkscrew


Twist and Pull Corkscrew

The twist-and-pull corkscrew is not so different from the classic corkscrew. The slight difference is that it has a handle that allows you to pull the cork out more easily. It is made up of a worm screw and a parallel handle. This opener depends on your effort to get the job done. To use this opener, you have to twist the screw into the cork, and squeeze on the handle to remove the cork. True Twister: Easy Corkscrew Turn Key Bar Accessory Wine Bottle  Opener, 6", Black: Metal Corkscrew Teflon: Home & Kitchen

Electric Wine Opener

The electric wine opener is the prime of wine-opening technology. This opener doesn't require any effort as it works with electricity. The opener has a motor that helps to extract the cork from the bottle without any stress on your part. All you have to do is place the bottle in position and start the motor with the push of a button Sit back and watch the motor finish the job.

Ovente Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter, Battery Operated, LED,  Cordless Stainless Steel, Silver (WO1381S), 10"

Waiter's Friend

This opener is called a waiter's friend for a good reason. It makes wine opening easy and is a compact tool that's easy to carry. This tool consists of a corkscrew, a knife, and a bottle opener. To use this opener, you have to:  Cut off the foil using the knife in the tool.  Place the worm screw in the middle of the cork.  Twist the screw into the cork without breaking it.  Pull out the clock using the lever or the handle.  It's important to mention that the cork can crumble or break when using this tool. If this happens, you should dispose of the bottle. It is a sign the wine is no longer good. Waiter's Friend Corkscrew: Home & Kitchen

Air Pressure Pump

The air pressure pump is another sole opener that allows you to open wine without stress. This tool comprises a cylindrical pump, a release valve, and a lever. This opener is compact and sleek, making it easy to carry. To use this tool, you need to Insert the needle into the cork. Pump air into the bottle using the bottle until the cork pops.


Ah-So Cork Puller

If you move around with a lot of Wine stewards and sommeliers, then you must have seen the ah-so cork puller before. This sleek and compact tool, also known as the butler's friend, is easy to carry about. The device is handy when dealing with older wine bottles with dried corks or bottles with longer and stubborn corks. This cork puller can get the cork out of the bottle in one piece, helping you deal with delicate corks. It is made up of two prongs used to pry out corks safely. To use this tool, you need to: Insert the two prongs into the bottle, with one on either side of the cork. Using prongs, push the cork gently out of the bottle.

Bottle opener and corker »Ah-So« Monopol Edition | Westmark Shop

Champagne Sabre

A champagne opener, also known as a Sabre tool, is specially built for dining champagne bottles. The tool is made up of a long curved metal blade with a handle at one end, which secures the tool. To use this tool, you have to
Chill the bottle, as champagne must be opened when cold
Take off the foil and wire cage
Hold the Sabre with both hands: your dominant hand on the gripper and the other hand on the blade.  Find the seam that runs down the side of the bottle and align the Sabre blade with it.  Swing the Sabre quickly and strongly. This should slice through the glass, removing the bottle's top and the cork.

Fox Due Cigni 1896 Champagne Saber - Vinotive

Durand Wine Opener

The Durand is simply the combination of the ah-so and the twist and pull. It has a worm screw and two prongs of the ah-so. It serves a similar purpose as the ah-so and could even be more effective. The only downside is that it is expensive. To use this tool, you need to: insert the screw into the cork.  Place the prongs on each side of the cork and pull.

The Durand - Korkenzieher für Weinraritäten - Vintage Grapes

Tabletop/Bar/Legacy Corkscrew

This is the most Exotic and expensive wine opener on the list. This one is for the grade of wine collectors. It works straightforwardly. All you have to do is: Place the bottle in the position.  Pull down the lever to push the worm into the cork.  Pull the lever back up to remove the cork.

Tabletop Corkscrew | Wine Corkscrew |

Which One of the Openers is the Best?

It's up to you to decide what's best for you based on your preference, style, and budget. Also, it depends on the kind of wine or cork you are dealing with. Some people still believe you should put in some effort when opening your wine, while others go for the more straightforward methods. Wherever you fall, remember that there are myriads of tools that can open your wine bottle for you.



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All The Types of Wine Openers and How To Use Them

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