• Bending Branch Frizzante Tannat, 2022

Bending Branch Frizzante Tannat, 2022

Bending Branch

Tannat, a robust red grape hailing from the Madiran region of southwestern France, has found a flourishing home in Texas, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Bending Branch Winery, which spearheaded the introduction to Texas. This grape variety's thick skins lend it resilience against scorching summers as well as produce deep and complex wines with remarkable aging potential. Four styles of Tannat are produced by Bending branch, and this Bubbly or ‘Frizzante’ rose wine is alive with strawberry, magnolia, white peach, and cardamon.

Dr. Bob Young, founder of Bending Branch Winery in Texas, was instrumental in Tannat finding a home in Texas. His interest in Tannat stems from its potential health benefits, touted for high levels of antioxidants (like resveratrol). Once a rarity, is now the 13th most planted grape in the state.

Dr. Bob's groundbreaking winemaking techniques, like cryomaceration and flash détente, have led to innovative and distinctive cellar practices, particularly with Tannat-based wines, accounting for around a quarter of their total output.

Brand Bending Branch
100% Tannat
Vintage 2022
Size 750ml
AppellationTexas High Plains
ABV 13.0%
PairingsGrilled shrimp, goat cheese and strawberries
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Texas High Plains

Located at the base of the panhandle, the expansive Texas High Plains produce the majority of Texas fruit used in winemaking.

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