• Heroes' Harvest: Veterans Day Exclusive Wine Bundle
  • Heroes' Harvest: Veterans Day Exclusive Wine Bundle

Heroes' Harvest: Veterans Day Exclusive Wine Bundle

In honor of those who have served, we’ve curated a patriotic ensemble of Texas's finest with our “Heroes' Harvest: Veterans Day Exclusive Wine Bundle.” Savor the diverse landscape of Texas vineyards through a carefully curated selection of six wines, from the dynamic Farmhouse Vineyards Cultivated 2021 to the bold Cicada Mourvèdre Tannat Merlot 2019. Each bottle in this collection pays tribute to the courage and dedication of our veterans.

  1. Farmhouse Vineyards Cultivated, 2021: A vibrant assembly of Dolcetto, Cabernet, and more, yielding a "take to dinner" wine with an explosion of plum and berry notes.
  2. Kuhlman Cellars Barranca, 2016: A robust blend with delicate notes, offering a complex palate of dark fruits and subtle spices.
  3. Hilmy Cellars Sparkling White, 2021: A refreshing sparkling with melon and honeysuckle highlights, perfect for toasting to freedom and bravery.
  4. Newsom Vineyards Pinot Grigio, 2019: A concentrated Pinot Grigio that captures the essence of a hot and dry Texan vintage.
  5. Lewis Wines Albariño, 2021: A crisp, aromatic white, dry with a complexity that sings alongside fresh seafood.
  6. Cicada Cellars Mourvèdre Tannat Merlot 2019: A smooth, fruity, and tart trinity that showcases the popular Texas varietals in harmony.

To salute our veterans' service, all buyers of this bundle can send a $25 txwine.com gift card to a veteran of their choice by simply sharing the recipient's email with us after purchase.

This Veterans Day, let's toast to the heroes among us with every glass from this exclusive wine bundle!

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