• Tres Valles Maat Grenache, 2013

Tres Valles Maat Grenache, 2013

Tres Valles

Hot and heavy from first whiff, this has red pepper notes with a sweet strawberry aroma. It's thick as syrup on the palate, with extracted, fully ripe flavors of blackberry and raisin. Maat means “the land” in a native language, but it could mean syrupy sweet. " - 83/100Wine Enthusiast

Tres Valles Vinícola names its wines in the Kiliwa language of the original indigenous settlers of the Baja California region.

Maat (means "terroir" in Kiliwa) - 2013 Red - 100% Grenache Noir

Brand Tres Valles
Vintage 2013
Size 750ml
PairingsBraises, stews, goulash and mild curries
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