• Tres Raices Nebbiolo-Sangiovese 2021

Tres Raices Nebbiolo-Sangiovese 2021

Tres Raices

Crafted from a harmonious blend of 70% Nebbiolo and 30% Sangiovese grapes, this wine captivates the senses with its exquisite bouquet. Its aromas transport you to a world of crimson fruit compote intermingled with the subtle allure of toasted hazelnuts.

Upon sipping, this wine envelops the palate with its full-bodied character, welcoming you with the deep richness of dark fruits. The intensity is perfectly balanced, offering a medium-bodied experience that dances on the taste buds, all while maintaining a remarkable equilibrium of acidity that adds to its allure.

The finish lingers, leaving an enduring impression of the wine's undeniable persistence and elegance.

Brand Tres Raices
Nebbiolo 70%, Sangiovese 30%
BarrelFrench Oak
American Oak
Handpicked grapes, gentle destemming, cold maceration, stainless steel fermentation (15-22°C, 20 days). Aged in French & American oak for 10 months, then cellar-rested before release.
Size 750ml
ABV 13.2%
Serving temp 57°F (14°C)
PairingsPizza, Bolognese, Lamb, Goat, Wild Game
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