• The Texas Thanksgiving Wine Case – A Curated Selection of 12 Exceptional Wines from 12 Different Producers

The Texas Thanksgiving Wine Case – A Curated Selection of 12 Exceptional Wines from 12 Different Producers

Celebrate the season of giving thanks with our exclusive Thanksgiving Connoisseur's Wine Bundle. This carefully curated 12-pack features a symphony of Texan wines from 12 different producers, each chosen for their perfect pairing with the rich tapestry of Thanksgiving seasonal flavors. From the appetizer to the main course and through to dessert, these wines are set to enhance every bite of your holiday feast.

  1. Enoch's Stomp Humble, 2018 - Begin your celebration with a Merlot-dominant blend, boasting soft floral and sweet tobacco notes that elegantly complement a roasted turkey's savory notes and meld seamlessly with the earthiness of a herb-infused stuffing.

  2. Edge of The Lake Estate Grenache, 2022 - Embrace the spirit with this robust Grenache. Its rich, fruity flavors are the ideal match for a grilled pork tenderloin or the sweet and smoky elements of a Thanksgiving BBQ spread.

  3. Texas Heritage Oaked Albariño 2021 - Delight in the crisp, citrus notes of this French oak-aged Albariño. A perfect accompaniment to lighter meats and seafood starters, it's the quintessential choice for an oyster appetizer or a delicate seafood risotto.

  4. The Source Sangiovese, 2020 - Medium-bodied with a bouquet of juicy fruits, this wine is a dream with highly seasoned cuisines, making it the go-to bottle for those who favor a spiced-up Thanksgiving with bold flavors and dishes like succulent pork belly.

  5. Hilmy Cellars Sparkling White, 2021 - Add sparkle to your celebration with hints of melon and honeysuckle. This bubbly is an excellent palate cleanser between courses or the perfect toast to kick off the festivities.

  6. McPherson Cellars Block Select Cinsault, 2019 - A light-hearted wine that dances with the flavors of wood-fired pizza heaped with mushrooms and black olives, making it a novel choice for a Thanksgiving pizza if you're looking to break with tradition.

  7. Arche Winery Texas Rosé, 2022 - A dry, light-bodied rosé with minimal tannins, this wine is a versatile partner for a charcuterie board, a fresh salmon dish, or even a classic Caesar salad.

  8. Reddy Vineyards Rosé, 2019 - With its refreshing flavors of strawberry and cherry, it's a lovely complement to a prosciutto and goat cheese platter, ideal for whetting the appetite before the main meal.

  9. Bending Branch Frizzante Tannat, 2022 - A lively sparkling rosé with notes of strawberry and white peach, perfect for pairing with grilled shrimp or a salad of goat cheese and strawberries, adding a festive touch to your Thanksgiving table.

  10. Yellowhouse Cellars Picpoul Blanc 2021 - Zesty and bright, this Picpoul Blanc sings alongside Gulf oysters on the half shell, bringing a coastal flair to your traditional meal.

  11. Newsom Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019 - An estate Cabernet that's a superb match for steak frites or a hearty hamburger, should your Thanksgiving dinner lean towards rich, red meat courses.

  12. Austin Winery Cerasuolo, 2022 - Finally, this "cherry style" Aglianico is a light, versatile wine that plays well with a variety of dishes, from pasta to chicken, and even most fish dishes, making it a perfect choice for a less traditional but equally delicious Thanksgiving menu.

Each wine in this bundle is chosen not only for its quality and unique Texas terroir but also for its ability to enhance the Thanksgiving season, whether you're indulging in classic recipes or creating new traditions. Celebrate this Thanksgiving with a toast to family, friends, and the season's bounty with our Thanksgiving Connoisseur's Wine Bundle.

Just 20 cases available; reserve yours soon before this one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving experience is gone!

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