• Texas' Festive Bubbles Collection - A Sparkling Wines Ensemble

Texas' Festive Bubbles Collection - A Sparkling Wines Ensemble

Celebrate the magic of the holidays with our exclusive Holiday Sparkle Wine Collection, featuring a luxurious selection of two bottles each from Texas's finest sparkling wines. This 6-pack is meticulously curated to elevate your festive gatherings and toast to the joyous moments.

  1. William Chris Pét-Nat, 2022: Begin your holiday toast with a flourish of natural effervescence. The William Chris Pét-Nat enchants with a unique cloudy pink-orange hue and a bouquet of strawberry leaf, yellow flower, canary melon, and zesty lemon peel. Every sip bursts with a sunny acidity and gentle bubbles, unfolding ripe strawberry and yellow cherry flavors that dance through a lingering, cherry-driven finish, accented with a hint of lime peel and crushed minerals.

  2. Bending Branch Frizzante Tannat, 2022: Continue the celebration with a glass of Bending Branch's pioneering Frizzante Tannat, a bubbly rose that echoes the robust character of its Madiran roots with a Texas twist. Its resilience in the Texas heat results in a complex wine bursting with notes of strawberry, magnolia, white peach, and a whisper of cardamom. Dr. Bob Young's innovative winemaking has given life to this rare grape, making it a festive favorite and a conversation piece.

  3. Hilmy Cellars Sparking White, 2021: Light up your palate with Hilmy Cellars' Sparking White, a bright and refreshing blend that captures the essence of holiday cheer. With playful hints of melon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and honeysuckle, this wine brings a delightful crispness to any holiday table. Perfectly carbonated and elegantly bottled, it's a sparkling testament to the festive spirit of Texas High Plains.

Wrapped in the season's spirit, this 100% Texas Holiday Sparkling Wine Collection is the ideal accompaniment to your holiday feasts or a thoughtful gift for the wine enthusiast questioning Texas' wine quality.

Let each bottle uncork the joy of the holidays, one sparkling sip at a time.

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