• Texas Summer Whites & Rosés Discovery Box
  • Texas Summer Whites & Rosés Discovery Box

Texas Summer Whites & Rosés Discovery Box

100% Small-Lot, Ultra-Premium Wines from Texas - Expertly Curated for Summer

Introducing the Texas Summer Whites & Rosés Discovery Box, a delightful journey into the refreshing and vibrant world of Texas wines. This carefully curated collection brings you a handpicked selection of exceptional wines, each capturing the essence of the sun-soaked Texas terroir and the passion of its winemakers. With every sip, you'll be transported to the picturesque vineyards, where the warm summer breeze and rich soil contribute to creating these remarkable wines.

Inside this discovery box, you'll uncover a variety of exquisite whites and rosés, each a hidden gem waiting to be unveiled. Immerse yourself in the mystery and anticipation of the wines that await, as we've selected a diverse range of styles and flavors to tantalize your taste buds. From crisp and vibrant to smooth and elegant, this collection showcases the best of Texas winemaking.

More specifically, in this 6-bottle box you will get:

1x - Cinsault Rose
1x - Vin Gris
1x - Albarino
1x - White Blend
1x - Roussanne
1x - Pinot Grigio

Crafted by renowned winemakers, these wines embody the artistry and dedication that go into every bottle. Whether sipping on a refreshing Cinsault Rosé with its delicate floral notes or indulging in a well-balanced Vin Gris with its hints of summer fruits, each wine tells a unique story. With every swirl and sip, you'll experience the passion and creativity that make Texas wines truly special.

The Texas Summer Whites & Rosés Discovery Box is available in both 6-packs and 12-packs. If you choose the 12-pack option, you'll receive two bottles of each wine, allowing you to share the joy and discovery with friends and loved ones. Whether you're planning a summer gathering, a relaxing evening on the patio, or simply seeking a new adventure for your palate, this collection will surely impress.

Embark on a journey of taste and exploration with the Texas Summer Whites & Rosés Discovery Box. Let the excitement build as you anticipate the arrival of these carefully selected wines, knowing that each bottle holds a delightful surprise. Embrace the flavors of Texas and elevate your summer experience with this exceptional collection.

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