• Piñamora Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Piñamora Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


In tribute to Aaron Piña Mora, the illustrious artist who immortalized Chihuahua's history in murals and championed the region's wine culture, his family embarked on a winemaking journey in the 1990s. Their commitment to the craft has cultivated acres of flourishing vines in the heart of the Del Río Sacramento basin, at an elevation of 1602 meters—a land steeped in the valor of the historic Battle of Sacramento. Today, Sergio Leonardo Piña Marshall, alongside his wife Sandra and children, Sergio Jr., Luis Gerardo, and Sandra Luz, continue this legacy, expanding their vineyards under the same skies once traversed by courageous soldiers.

The Pinamora red blend, hailing from this valley rich with history and heroism, is crafted with meticulous adherence to European vinification standards. Each bottle is a canvas of the terroir, bursting with unique fragrances and flavors that speak of the land's heritage. With a texture as smooth as silk, this wine pairs effortlessly with the robust flavors of red meats, the delicate textures of pasta, and the savory essence of stewed poultry. For the full expression of its character, allow the wine to breathe for 30 minutes after opening, releasing its full bouquet and palette of flavors—a wine not just tasted but experienced.

Brand Piñamora
Cabernet Sauvignon
60% Tempranillo, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage 2019
BarrelFrench Oak
ABV 12.4%
Decant Gently
PairingsBeef stew
Lamb shank
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