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Discover Fine Texas Wine

Discover the best boutique Texas wines not available in stores. Shipped directly to you every month.

  • Only the best double-blind tasted wines - from the hundreds of bottles sent to us each month, only the top-rated make it into each shipment
  • 10-20 free winery tasting tickets ($200+ value) included in each 6 & 12-bottle membership
  • Incredible value on World-Class Texas Wine, save 20%+ vs. standard bottle prices
  • Access to TWC member-only events & experiences, all members get free seats + 3 guests to all Texas Wine Club experiences, events, & pickup parties
  • Limited availability - our wines come from small, family-owned producers (not factories), so we keep things small to ensure you always get great wine
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    Member benefits

    Members receive complimentary shipping on orders over $150. You also get:

    • Priority-access to limited releases & promotions
    • Free tastings at wineries across Texas in every shipment
    • 15% discount on all future purchases
    • Standing invitation for you & guests to every event, class, & tasting we throw across the state
    • Intimate chats with Texas sommeliers, chefs, and winemakers
    • Guided tasting & pairings
    • Join experts exploring the latest quality trends from winemakers, like organic wines, unfiltered, native yeast, and more
    • Complimentary gifts with purchase while supplies last

    Our guarantee

    We know Texas wine is world-class, and we work with an independent panel of Texas wine professionals to blind taste hundreds of Texas wines. Because we only select the top-scoring wines for our clubs, you can rest easy knowing each box chases quality — not superficial trends.

    If you're not as warmly enthusiastic about the selections or the gifts included in each box as we are, contact us at any time and we'll take care of you.

    • Texas wine has come so far

      As someone who has tasted and judged 100s of Texas wines, I am constantly impressed with the quality of this region. Texas has come so far and can now compete on a world-level with other fine wines.

      — Daniela Dasuta
      dipWSET Sommelier & Head Instructor at Texas Wine School
      Image of Daniela Dasuta
    • What our industry needed

      This is exactly what our industry needed, a wine club for Texas wine fans and supporters!

      — Josh Fritsche
      Winemaker & Owner, Tatum Cellars
      Image of Josh Fritsche
    • Real gems

      As a Certified Sommelier from Napa Valley, I can honestly say that I’ve been very impressed with the up and coming Texas wine industry! There are some lovely wines being produced and Texas Wine Club is sourcing and showcasing some real gems. They’re truly doing the leg work for you. The wines are fairly and honestly picked for their quality in various blind tastings eliminating any bias, a practice I tremendous respect for. Give Texas Wine Club a try for a taste of the best wines coming out of this growing industry - you won’t regret it!

      — Alysha Strader
      GM, La Bergerie & Sommelier
      Image of Alysha Strader
    • High-quality local wines

      Since the onset of the Texas Wine Club, I have been a huge supporter. It's one of the most innovative ways to bring high-quality handcrafted wines to Texans. Drink Texas!

      — John J. Rivenburgh
      Winemaker & Owner, Kerrville Hills Winery
      Image of John J. Rivenburgh
    • Makes it easy to support local

      This born and raised Texas Sommelier is continually impressed with the local wines.  They continue to push the quality, and make it easy to support local.

      — Mandi Nelson
      Co-Founder, ATX Somms
      Image of Mandi Nelson
    • Great range and quality

      The range and quality of Texas wines have shown continuous improvement and increased presence in the wine industry. After eight years of living in Texas and witnessing the growth and innovation of our local winemakers, I’m excited to see what future vintages will bring.

      — Michiko Matsuura
      Certified Sommelier
      Image of Michiko Matsuura
    • World-class wines

      Texas wine has evolved so much over the past ten years. Back then, many of the wines were relatively sweet and fruity; today, Texas winemakers are creating world-class wines that remind me of the flavors of French, Italian, & Spanish wines.

      — Amie Nemec
      Sommelier & Wine Writer, Co-Owner
      Image of Amie Nemec
    This quarter's box

    What's included

    This is a selection of 3 wines from our quarterly box, shipped monthly.

    • 3 amazing Texas wines
    • 3 fact cards on each wine & winery
    • 1 tasting & aroma wheel (while supplies last)
    • Free annual membership to Texas Wine Club
    • Standing invitation to all our events, classes, and tastings for you and guests
    • 5+ free tastings at participating wineries
    • Exclusive discounts, chats with winemakers, sommeliers, and more

    Club membership

    Early access, discounts, & more.

    It pays to be part of the club. This box comes with a free club membership, giving you:

    • 10% off all orders and other private discounts
    • Free shipping on select club boxes and orders
    • Early access to special Texas wine releases and other exclusives
    • Ongoing gifts - freee tastings, events, classes, aroma wheels, stickers, merch, & more

    Extra gifts

    Taste wine. Then experience it.

    Included in the box is a Texas Wine Club aroma wheel, helping guide you through the experience of each wine. An indispensable tool for novice & pro alike, the wheel helps enhance your knowledge by improving your ability to detect, discern, and describe the aromas in wine. Available while supplies last.

    Mixed selection

    A variety of styles for every occasion.

    There's no wrong way to drink wine, but a good host knows to have options. This club shipment includes a healthy variety of styles to match any occasion, meal, or guest. And if you think you're set in your ways on styles, then it's time to broaden your tastebud horizons. We promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Convenient delivery

    Delivered quarterly to your door.

    We send you three bottles of great Texas wine every month. Like what you drink? It's easy to switch to a quarterly club of 6 or 12 bottles later.

    The Club FAQ

    What am I buying?

    This is a subscription to great Texas wines, hand-selected by an independent panel of Texas wine professionals. Included in every purchase is:

    • A curated selection of great Texas wines
    • Cards about each wine and the winery that crafts it
    • Free annual club membership which grants 10% off all purchases
    • Invitation to our in-person events in Fredericksburg
    Where do you ship?

    Currently, we’re only shipping to Texas, Florida, and Washington DC. Most of the wines we carry are from incredibly small lots, but we hope to be available to all US wine enthusiasts in the coming months.

    How do I get more of a particular wine?

    Our selections change every quarter, and with limited supplies and small lots, we don't often carry extra to sell. If you discover a new favorite from one of our boxes, then we enthusiastically encourage you to reach out to that winery. They may have their own club or store where you can grab more bottles, or discover more of their wines.

    Can I just get a box as a standalone, one-time order?

    Inventory of each club shipment is very tight, as we're often working with boutique wineries. We allocate enough wine to fulfill each box for our club members. At this time, each club box is available only as a subscription, so that we can prioritize our members.

    Can I choose or change the wines I get?

    We're making it easy to get a great mix of quality Texas wine. The independent panel we use to curate wines makes selections based on taste and quality, not brand names or how well it pairs with foie gras and caviar. We work hard to expose you to wines you may otherwise have never heard of or thought to try, because we know they're truly world class. We're not currently able to make changes to the selections, but we'd love your feedback.

    How can you pause or change the club subscription?

    We're Texan on service & business. If you have too much wine, aren't really feeling the selections, or want to skip a shipment for any reason, we've made it painless and hassle-free to make adjustments. When you log into your account, you'll see pausing, skipping, or canceling one simple click away. No hoops, no calls, no BS. And we're always available via email at

    Texas Wine FAQ

    Texas makes good wine?

    Yep! We'll be straight with you — Texas wine hasn't always been great. Prohibition in particular was a huge setback to progress, but we've had decades of rapid rebounding, allowing us to catch up with other well-known regions in the states. Now more than ever, there's huge investment, talent, interest, and demand for Texas wine. The expansive Texas terroir is comparable in some ways to France or Portugal, allowing us to grow "Old World" styles with similar methods. The problem is that despite there being over 500 wineries in Texas, very few produce at the scale required to get into stores, and much of what does make it to stores isn't the best representation of what our state can make. The really good wines are in clubs, boutique wineries, or made in small lots. That's the wine we source, taste, and vet for inclusion.

    Is Texas wine more expensive?

    In general, Texas wine is competitively priced with the quality, same as anywhere else. Like wines from any region, there's wine that fits budgets all the way from under $10 a bottle to over $100. If you know wine, you know price doesn't always determine quality, and we think there's a sweet spot on the lower end of that price spectrum. Because we work directly with winemakers big & small, we're able to get wines an average of 25% lower than at stores, which are savings we pass along to you.

    Are Texas wines just made with California grapes?

    In short, no! Texas law requires that wines claiming to be "Texan" must contain at minimum 75% Texas grapes. While there are wineries in Texas using mostly out-of-state grapes, even in our double-blind tastings we're finding our palates to have a Texas-first bias. Many of our selections are 100% Texas, from the fruit to the winery to the glass it's bottled in.