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Club Box: Quarter 4 2022

Our inaugural box of fine Texas wine, named after the first President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston. Containing bold choices worthy of Texas' rich legacy.

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This is great Texas wine.

You don't get a second chance at a first impression, so we poured through an impressive roster of great Texas wines, challenged by the goal to pick only twelve. These final selections represent a broad range of styles and flavors both indicative of where great Texas wine is today — and where it's headed tomorrow.

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This quarter's name

Sam Houston

An incredible figurehead of Texas history, Samuel Houston was an independent & carefree explorer who bucked extremism, lived with the Cherokee, rose the ranks in the US Army, and served as General in the Texas Army. His victory in the Battle of San Jacinto gave Texas its independence and made him both a hero and the first elected President of the Republic of Texas.

This quarter's box

What's included

We pulled all the stops to make our first club box special.

  • 12 amazing Texas wines
  • 7 reds, 3 whites, 1 sparkling, 1 rosé
  • 12 fact cards on each wine & winery
  • 1 tasting & aroma wheel
  • Free shipping
  • Free annual membership to Texas Wine Club for 5% off all purchases ($50 value)
  • Standing invitation to special events around Fredericksburg
  • Exclusive discounts, chats with sommeliers, and more

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Meet the wines.

We work with an independent panel of Texas wine professionals who tasted hundreds of wines. The best of the best were selected for their authentic representation of great Texas wine.

Texas Heritage Vineyard

Reserve Barbera 2018

Barrel aged for 36 months, with hints of strawberry jam, red currant, boysenberry, and watermelon.

Best of Class, 2021 San Francisco ChronicleGold, 2021 San Antonio Show & Rodeo International Wine Competition


Texas Heritage Vineyard

Oaked Albariño 2021

With quality grapes harvested locally then immediately pressed, the maximum essence was preserved, with no bitterness or bite.

Bronze, 2021 Texas InternationalBronze, 2021 Lone Star International


Kuhlman Cellars

Barranca 2016

A signature High Plains blend, this boasts a robust expression and delicate notes. One of only two gold medal winning wines in the prestiguous Concours International de Lyon wine competition.

Gold, Concours International de Lyon


Kuhlman Cellars

Malbec-Merlot 2017

With hints of plum, blackberry, vanilla, sweet tobacco, and cocoa. Pairs well with Thanksgiving dinner shared with family & friends.


Hilmy Cellars

Sparkling White 2021

Light, bright, and refreshing sparkling white wine blend. Hints of melon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and honeysuckle with a delightful crispness.


Hilmy Cellars


A dry & crisp white wine, with bright green pear and hazelnut aromatics. Completed by a structured palate of peach, melon, and lemongrass.


Adega Vinho

Tempranillo Reserve 2018

Cellared for 23 months, with a red berry-driven fruit on the palate, finished with fresh & elegant tannins.


Adega Vinho


An award-winning mainstay blend of tempranillo and mourvedre. Pordosol is the Portuguese word for sunset, and this wine is best enjoyed in the glowing twilight of Texas dusk.


Lavaca Bluffs

Reserve Cinsault Rosé 2021

Pressed immediately after harvest, the cinsault grapes capture huge flavor with a beautiful, medium salmon-colored rosé.


Cellar Rat

Estoy Aqui 2019

From the boutique winery Cellar Rat comes a beautiful expression of cherry, tomato, balsamic, oregano, espresso, dark plum, blackberry, & cinnamon.


Tatum Cellars

Grenache 2020

Notes of strawberry, cherry, watermelon rind, pink grapefruit, and lime. 100% Hoover Valley Vineyards grenache.


Tatum Cellars

Roussanne 2019

Notes of apricot, white pear, white peach, lemon, beeswax, chamomile, and brioche. Only 185 cases produced.



A Texas-sized value.

More than a box of great wine, this shipment includes a few perks that help you truly experience the wine instead of only savoring it. Plus, every box grants free membership to our club, which provides all the VIP perks you'd expect.

Club Membership

Early access, discounts, and more.

It pays to be part of the club. This box comes with a free club membership, giving you:

  • 5% off all orders and other private discounts
  • Free shipping on club boxes and select orders
  • Standing invitation to all Texas Wine Club events around Fredericksburg
  • Early access to special Texas wine releases and other exclusives
  • Cozy guided video tastings & chats with a Texas sommelier

Extra gifts

Taste wine. Then experience it.

Included in the box is a Texas Wine Club aroma wheel, helping guide you through the experience of each wine. An indispensable tool for novice & pro alike, the wheel helps enhance your knowledge by improving your ability to detect, discern, and describe the aromas in wine.

Mixed selection

A variety of styles for every occasion.

There's no wrong way to drink wine, but a good host knows to have options. This club shipment includes a healthy variety of styles to match any occasion, meal, or guest. And if you think you're set in your ways on styles, then it's time to broaden your tastebud horizons. We promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Convenient delivery

Delivered quarterly to your door.

We send you twelve bottles of great Texas wine every three months. That's one bottle per Saturday gathering with friends, one bottle for every new weekly episode of your favorite show, or 12 bottles for one big, rocking soirée.

The Club FAQ

What am I buying?

This is a quarterly subscription to 12 great Texas wines, hand-selected by an independent panel of Texas wine professionals. Included in every purchase is:

  • A curated selection of 12 great Texas wines
  • Cards about each wine and the winery that crafts it
  • Free annual club membership which grants 5% off all purchases
  • Invitation to our in-person events in Fredericksburg
Where do you ship?

Currently, we're Texans only shipping to other Texans so we can share great Texas wine with folks in our community. Some of the wines we carry are from incredibly small lots, so we want to ensure we first get them in front of Texans before opening our doors to the rest of the states.

How do you select wines?

We work with the Texas Wine Guild, an independent body made up of Texas wine professionals accomplished in growing, making, selling, pairing, and scaling all things wine. They work with as many Texas wineries as possible, getting bottles to perform double-blind tastings in a controlled environment. The best of the best wines from this process are selected, and those make it into each quarterly shipment.

How do I get more of a particular wine?

Our selections change every quarter, and with limited supplies and small lots, we don't often carry extra to sell. If you discover a new favorite from one of our quarterly boxes, then we enthusiastically encourage you to reach out to that winery. They may have their own club or store where you can grab more bottles, or discover more of their wines.

Can I just get a quarterly box as a standalone, one-time order?

Inventory of each club shipment is very tight, as we're often working with boutique wineries. We allocate enough wine to fulfill each quarterly box for our club members. At this time, each club box is available only as a subscription, so that we can prioritize our members.

Can I choose or change the wines I get?

We're making it easy to get a great mix of quality Texas wine. The independent panel we use to curate wines makes selections based on taste and quality, not brand names or how well it pairs with foie gras and caviar. We work hard to expose you to wines you may otherwise have never heard of or thought to try, because we know they're truly world class. We're not currently able to make changes to the selections, but we'd love your feedback.

How can you pause or change the club subscription?

We're Texan on service & business. If you have too much wine, aren't really feeling the selections, or want to skip a shipment for any reason, we've made it painless and hassle-free to make adjustments. When you log into your account, you'll see pausing, skipping, or canceling one simple click away. No hoops, no calls, no BS. And we're always available via email at howdy@txwine.com.

Texas Wine FAQ

Texas makes good wine?

Yep! We'll be straight with you — Texas wine hasn't always been great. Prohibition in particular was a huge setback to progress, but we've had decades of rapid rebounding, allowing us to catch up with other well-known regions in the states. Now more than ever, there's huge investment, talent, interest, and demand for Texas wine. The expansive Texas terroir is comparable in some ways to France or Portugal, allowing us to grow "Old World" styles with similar methods. The problem is that despite there being over 500 wineries in Texas, very few produce at the scale required to get into stores, and much of what does make it to stores isn't the best representation of what our state can make. The really good wines are in clubs, boutique wineries, or made in small lots. That's the wine we source, taste, and vet for inclusion.

Is Texas wine more expensive?

In general, Texas wine is competitively priced with the quality, same as anywhere else. Like wines from any region, there's wine that fits budgets all the way from under $10 a bottle to over $100. If you know wine, you know price doesn't always determine quality, and we think there's a sweet spot on the lower end of that price spectrum. Because we work directly with winemakers big & small, we're able to get wines an average of 10% lower than at stores, which are savings we pass along to you.

Are Texas wines just made with California grapes?

In short, no! Texas law requires that wines claiming to be "Texan" must contain at minimum 85% Texas grapes. While there are wineries in Texas using mostly out-of-state grapes, even in our double-blind tastings we're finding our palates to have a Texas-first bias. Many of our selections are 100% Texas, from the fruit to the winery to the glass it's bottled in.

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Discover "The Houston" for yourself. This inaugural box is a fine first impression of amazing Texas wines meant to be shared & enjoyed with other Texans.

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